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The Realisation – Not going to let go of the fun again.

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Just want to come up and share something I was thinking about when getting the clothes out from the washing machine.

I was so stressed for the most part in the last year because I started to learn more about running a business: Positioning the business, branding, costs, revenues, lost and profits, margin ratios… you name it, I was learning about it. There are so, so much to learn. Like I would be reading the books about these, watching videos and courses on these while taking the minibus to work everyday. And I would be like creating excel reviews every week on the business performance. It was good practice because I got to notice things that I probably would not be able to in the past.

Snapshot of my excel sheet. It is hard. And incredibly stressful.

This week I think probably because there are just so many things going on (with quite a few “not going my way”), I have gone to a point that I wanted to give up. Like, I was asking myself, all this, what for?

I think it was partly due to the fact that it was 7PM and I still got lots to do and laid up for the night while I was visiting the TST store just to quickly check if everything was alright, while discovering no, there are quite some things that are just wrong. I have not had dinner yet, I know there are lots of work to do at night… and I have to stay at the TST store for longer just to fix everything and make sure things are right again. I have to go to the Airport for some future potential opportunities right afterwards, and when I arrived it was already nearly 10PM. And I still have not had eaten anything yet. With an empty stomach, and a pretty bad mood, it was just rough.

I was asking myself, seriously, what for?

And the thing is you cannot tell anyone about it. Sometimes you just have to “suck it up” and keep going.

I am sure Richard Branson and Steve Jobs would also review company performance, but they are surely more passion driven, instead of always being burdened with maths… and overthink on details.

So I realised, probably I shouldn’t too. Back in the days when Re Pillow (first gen) or Re Pillow (gen 2) were released, I was not even that cautious and stressed. I was carefree! In the early days, the product quality is much less consistent, and they are pretty much just handmade products that I made for myself. And the marketing was also pretty bad, like there would be typos on websites and social media and it’s all good. I have no expectations. I have nothing. Like now I got the quality improved, and added the structure and professionalism to the business, I should be a happy man! I should not be stressed.

I was also happier than now too.

I felt more alive, and, me.

So I guess I will do it that way, starting today.

Expect to see the fun, happy-go-lucky me back.