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The WORST number in the world.

It has been a long while since we last talked. Where have you been?

I know it hasn’t been easy for us to talk but, this is just between you and me…

I checked Insta, I checked messenger, WhatsApp, Texts, Signal… there has been nothing from you.

Anyway, since you are not contacting me, I am, going to take the initiative and come up to cover a topic which I believe would be incredibly beneficial for you and your life going forward.

Just wanted to provide more value, always, before I am on my deathbed. Truly hope that I can help you, so that one day, maybe, out of yourself, you started to help others with what you learnt too!

And you will expereince the additional benefit of remembering these lessons better by sharing with others too!

Today’s topic: The WORST number in the world.

Have a guess.

I know, many of you may think it is 3, because in a lot of situation, 3 seem to always cause problems: in romantic relationships, 3 people seldom works. In families, 2 kids typically would have better relationships over the course of life than 3, as there are probably complex power plays with 3. In businesses, 3 coming together to start/ run a business would face more issues than 2, as again there would be power plays within the 3.

But no, 3 is not the worst number in the world.

The WORST number in the world is 1.

It is called “reliance” and “single point of failure“.

Example: You have ONE friend. You spent all your time with him and he is the only one that shares your secret. When he left you, you are bound to feel empty. Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to deal with his personal charm or his character that makes you feel that way, but it is the way that how you set up your life set yourself up to feel empty without him. You have no other options!

Example: Say you run a business and you have only ONE store selling ONE type of product. If something happened to that ONE store: e.g. pandemic breaks out in that area, your store got robbed, you are basically left with no income. Or say nothing happened to your store but suddenly there are another type of new product that completely replaces your only ONE type of product, e.g. digital camera replaces film camera, you would also be given a hard time. This is again nothing to deal with your business but everything to deal with how you set up your busines income streams. You should always avoid reliance and having single point of failure. Of course, it is going to take some more effort. But you will thank yourself later when anything bad happened.

Example: You work 9-5 at a job. This is your sole income stream. While everything may seem fine on the front end, it is always good to build a secondary income stream, even though it might be small and not significant starting out. Build it anyways.

Avoid single point of failure.

I have learnt this from a book by Tai Lopez  but I have also read it somewhere else before as well. This little thought helped me made a lot of important (and correctly made) decisions in the past.

Now I have given this power to you as well.


Ryan –> Gotta sleep now.