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Things I can’t live without (Get these)

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Stepping in my mid 20s, I am incredibly blessed to be able to experience life and various products as I come across them. Along the way, I have made some bad purchases but also some really great ones that are truly life changing. I figured I should make a list of them so that you can also experience them as well. The products on this list, are truly great products that I use everyday.

WHOOP Strap Health Tracker

WHOOP is a health tracker for the modern active individual. The reason I love it is that it looks very minialistic while being able to provide accurate reports on your recovery and daily strains so that you will be able to learn more about your conditioning and plan your day ahead based on them. The great thing about it is that you can exchange bands so that it can go on well with your outfit of that day. I think with its design and accuracy, it is a must have if you want to take care of your health while looking great. I am also on the WHOOP Pro plan as well. Definitely consider that as well if you are getting one. I have been on WHOOP for about a year now, wearing it every single day. If you want to know how good it is, that is the proof. There is nothing that is like it.

Oral B iO 9 Toothbrush

I know… spending that amount on a toothbrush sounds ridiculous, but just get this. You will get that dental feeling every time after you brush your teeth. It is just crazy good. Your future self will thank you. Out of all the items on this list, I know people would probably skip this because it looks like something that is not “necessary”, the benefit of it cannot be easily seen. But don’t, you don’t want to open your mouth and smell bad. You don’t want your yellowish teeth to scare that guy/ girl away. Invest in this.

SONOS ONE Speaker (Gen 2)

This is a classic. This speaker is compact, clean looking, and most important of all, sounds great. Deep, clean, solid bass, accurate mids and highs. The only bad thing about this is that it works only over wifi. I wish it would support AUX in as well, just for that extra peace of mind. But that’s not a deal breaker. Technically, you can get a few of these and create a surround sound system with SONOS. But one is pretty much enough for me for causal music listening. I can imagine that it will sound even better if I get a pair of them. So you may consider it as well. SONOS is the brand to go for, if you value true quality in your sound. No gimmick.

BlendJet portable blender

My good friend Max bought this as a gift for me back in 2022, and I have been using it nearly every day since then. Now this is not a must-have. If you don’t drink protein shakes/ any kind of meal replacement shakes, you don’t need it. But if you do, this is a game changer. For one thing, it doesn’t stink (very weird). For another, it can blend things for you, and after you finish, just add soap and water, press the blend button, it washes it for you. It is like 95% cleaned. Crazy. It saves a lot of your time to get it cleaned, which in a lot of case, wasn’t even that clean no matter how hard you are trying.

The Daily Stoic book

One page a day. Change your life. If you have to get only one thing out of this list, get this.

Re Quilt 2

While it is not yet released to the public, I have been using it for a quite some time. The lazy mode is life changing. I put it on every day after shower, and I do all my stuff on bed, around the house, in this Re Quilt 2 Lazy Mode. I have the green one “Maldives” but get any colour you like. It is soft and feels high quality.