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Providing Value to the Marketplace

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“Smart men learn from his mistakes. Wise men learn from others’ mistakes.”

You know you are going to like this piece before reading it.

It is that good.


Been reading a business book in traffic today and wanted to share this real quick.

If you are thinking of starting a business (you surely do), make sure you are always thinking about the following:

“What VALUE can I provide to the marketplace?”

Many people starting off in business are always thinking about how they can make money and buy this fancy car that fancy house etc. Thinking about satisfying their own selfish desires. Thinking about how this business can give them freedom and all kinds of materialistic enjoyments.


Completely wrong.

Take a moment to think why businesses exists.

I will give you a second.


–> Businesses exists because one person can solve another person’s problem, in exchange for money.

This cannot be disproved.

Not that because they can help you achieve your selfish goals and desires.

Think about what value you can provide to the world.

Think about how you can help them solve something, or give them something they need.

That sets you on the right track.

You’re welcome.

Ryan L.

P.S. The image above is the new products I am creating for Re Pillow Co. It is a set of two essential quilts that would solve basically the customers’ quilts need under all weather in Hong Kong. I always think buying quilts in Hong Kong is always too over complicated. Lets keep it simple and neat.