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Why 99% ppl fail to reach their fitness goal

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I am in the gym now and I am thinking about you.

99% ppl failed to reach their fitness goals.


>> because the goals they set are NOT trackable.

What I mean is that their goal is usually “lose x KG by [date]”, but did not specify HOW they do it. So when the [date] comes, they are still the same.

What YOU shd do abt it?

here’s the key:


Instead of aiming “lose 2kg by the end of March”, AIM FOR “do 2 HIIT workouts a week” / “run for 30mins 3 times a week”…

The more specific, the better.

This way you have SPECIFIC, TRACKABLE goals that you can hold yourself accountable of.

I first learn this from a book “FUCK YOU MONEY” by Dan Lok., I apply it to all my fitness goals.

Now I am going to finish my workout, then go back on my path. You. Have a wonderful day.