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Why Negativity doesn’t leave you…

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Do you know why your negative thoughts just wouldn’t leave you alone??!!

This evening I was reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne today (consider it as the black v-neck t-shirt in the wardrobe, it’s a classic) and on P.156, the Rhonda cited a badass quote that I must put it down right here for my dearest good-looking reader like YOU here….

“What you resist, persists.” – Carl Jung, psychologist

Holy. Fvcking. Sh*t.

This can’t be closer to the truth.

The fact that your problems do not leave you is that you are still resisting them.

By not accepting the situation, you are consciously and unconsciously putting your mental energy on it. You are thinking about it all day long.

“Where your energy flows, your focus goes.

Please tattoo this into the inside of your brain.

Maybe not. Now I think about it, that sounds pretty painful.


You get the point.

By resisting the situation and thinking it over and over, you are sinking yourself deeper and deeper into the pain, experiencing more of the negative emotions, inviting the demons of negativity to hang on your neck, leeching your blood like a bloody vampire.

Just stop.

A way that I use myself is imagine negative emotions as bastards knocking on your door.

Knock. Knock.

You can choose not to let them in.

You can refuse to entertain them.

When you feel that negativity want to come in your head(which they always do, annoying bastards), refuse to entertain them. More precisely, think about something else. Do not let them get in and direct your emotions.

It will be difficult at first but gradually you will be able to refuse them at will.

Anywys. My cat is meowing hard for food now and she’s giving me the face like…

“Give me food or I will kill you!” – Kitkat, cat

OK. Guess I gotta obey.

Or else I highly doubt if I can get a good night of sleep today.


This is modern enslaving.


I signed up for it myself.


R. L. —> Out

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