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Why You Should Have No Ego

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A while ago back in 2019 I wrote this article after reading the book Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday.

Recently I have came across this philosophy while taking a business course created by Jason Capital, the man who was known for turning himself from broke into a millionaire in just 9 months with an online business.

If you are truly hungry for more in life, if you want to achieve more, be more, impact more, have no ego.

Ego is the enemy.

In everything you do, be humble and observe. In this age many have giant egos, thinking that they know everything they are always correct and there is absolutely no way that they could be wrong.

Don’t be one of these people.

Yes. Most people do not know what they are talking about. A lot are just going with the flow in life. But that is fine, it is their choice. Do not judge. You never know if that are in fact the best for them.

Do not however, assume you know what is the best for yourself or for others. The reality is, despite how hard we tried and how hard our subconcious convinced ourselves otherwise (soothes our egos), we know very little about the actual happenings in this world. It is like there is an iceberg in front of us and we are just judging, making comments, giving hatred, based on this little tip shown above the water, without even seeing the big picture, the bigger part under the water.

Do not let your ego gets into the way.

It is only then you can truly be an observer, and learn. Objectively. As a rational observer.

This is how we can truly learn and improve at a rate that others can never do.

No ego.

Gosh I am sharing so much value to you today.

Because I care about you.

Do not sit on it. Go out and implement this.

Ryan Leungios.