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Why You Should Not Trust Anyone

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Catchy title. I know.

But it is real. You should NOT trust anyone.


Okay… there is a specific thing I am referring to here.

Quick story: I was at the Yunnan Airport the other day and I picked up the book “Ego Is The Enemy” by bestselling author Ryan Holiday.

Ripped through the book much like any other books I’ve read and a key lesson inside is that

“Never trust anything anyone says about you”

If you are like “this sounds like bullshit” “this can’t be true” I totally get you because I feel absolutely the same at first.

But this dude has a point. Let me explain.

See. In life we face lots of criticisms and praises from people around us. We have positive feedback and negative feedback from people.

And as humans we all have a psychological tendency to want to know what people think about us.

All day long we are thinking about what other people think about ourselves.

So when someone says something like “you know what I think of you?…”, “you know what I like about you?” We want to know. Badly.

But be careful. They can say whatever they want about us.

A lot of times it fvcks with our emotions. (Sorry I somehow have this sweating habit when writing, much like your 50-y-o uncle)

If we rely on the good feedbacks and praises from others to feel good about ourselves, we are training to be externally validation seeking.

And while it feels good to our ego when shit is going on well, it hurts us hard when things aren’t going on our way, when people are giving us negative comments.

Do not fall prey to this trap my friend.

That’s why you should not trust anything anyone says about you.

That includes the negatives, as well as the positives.

If you train yourself to draw your happiness from external sources, it will hurt harder when you are given negative feedbacks from external sources. Learn to be internally drawn.

Take external comments lightly. Usually the comment is more about how they see you more than how you are actually performing.

Don’t hand over your power to others and let them control your emotions and fvck with you.

Be your own boss.

I am going to start another book soon.

Ryan –> out