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Work in silence

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I was reading the Boron Letters today which is a collection of 25 letters written by a father while he was in the prison, dedicated to his son. The name Boron Letters actually comes from the name of the prison, the  Boron Federal Prison Camp. It was a collection of his life in prison, life lessons for his son.

One thing that he talked about, and what I think is so valuable, is to choose to work in silence. Most of the people in the world are nay sayers. They say it is too hard to quit smoking, or it is not possible or you are crazy or you will never make it. Many fail to even try when it comes to accomplishing things. Remember the time when everyone KNEW the world was flat and the sun revolved around it? When some people offered up a different idea, they were punished for hearty and ridiculed by their colleagues.

Sometimes there is no use wasting time and energy fighting established beliefs by arguing and it is better to just silently go about proving or accomplishing your goal.