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The Definitive Guide on Work Ethics

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You know how in those interviews with famous people they always talk about the importance of working hard? Usually they would talk about how that hard work is like a basic requirement for success in any forms, how hard work is not optional but compulsory… But often times, the question remains — how hard do you have to work? Are you working hard enough?

For a l0ng time I have not been able to answer this question, because I think I have not been working hard enough. There was still potential left inside me, and it has not been unleashed yet. At the back of my head, I can feel that more work can still be done, I can go further than what I was doing, but I still do not have an answer for what is hard work, and how far should one go to be considered as “working hard”.

But today, I think I have a little bit more understanding on this topic. Simply put, you will know what hard work is when you are really working hard. Until then, you are not working hard enough. You go the extra mile, you live your life around that thing. If work requires you to go out again to the office 9PM on a Saturday night, you go. No whining, no complaints, just go. I think that’s hard work. I have to thank my parents for this one. Growing up, they have instilled the mindset that a lot of times, you have to give way to work regardless of what you are doing, because “that is work” and that three words are enough as explanations why you have to give way to work. To me, that is the norm, and I thought that is the norm for many people as well but well, turns out it is not. However, I think this mindset is really beneficial to one no matter what they are doing, especially if they are young. So take this tip with you wherever you go.

Plus, as you go and your ability grows, you will be more capable of handling more work. It is like muscles, you will grow stronger, and what seems to be hard work in the past, would be just pretty standard work to you in the future. Get going, and grow.

Hope this helps.