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You are running late for a meeting… what would you do?

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Imagine someone is stuck in the traffic and is running late for a meeting, what do they usually do?

–> They look at their watches. 

Look. Think again. This doesn’t help. Looking at the watch would not suddenly make you not late. Looking at the watch is not helping at all. At this moment, you are going to be late and frankly this is not within what you can control. 

As a wise, rational person, I encourage you to focus on what you can control, things that you can do, things that you can work on right now. Stop focusing and spending time on something that is already happening or even has happened. That would not change, at least not right now, until you get all the things that you can control worked on first. 

Recently a lot of side issues happened to our business. Something that comes out from nowhere but are trying to hit our car hard and if we do not hold on to the steering wheel, we will get hit and pushed to the sides. And there might just be the end of this.

What we can do right now, is to hold on tight. Keep our control over the situation. Believe that things will get better. Work. Work. And Work.

That is enough about me.

Hope the little story right there about looking at the watch helps.